The Selous Game Reserve is arguably one of the best and most varied parks in Africa…

One of the largest designated game areas in Africa, the Selous Game Reserve is approximate two and a half times the size of Wales and is truly one of the last frontiers in Africa, with game roaming freely and unimpeded throughout. The main focus for the safari activities is around the mighty Rufiji River that flows west to east through the northern section of the park and, in the dry season, it becomes a Mecca for all types of game looking to replenish water supplies.

Often the first stop on a circuit to the south, the Selous is a fantastic park and is a safari destination that is suitable for safari hands right through to first timers and the young. What it offers, that is truly unique in Africa, is the whole range….great game viewing (in particular elephant, wild dog, leopard, hippos and crocodiles), a range of accommodations from tented through to luxury lodges, and the full spread of safari activities, boating, walking and driving.

Located just a short hop flight of around 30 mins from Dar es Salaam it is possible to arrive off an overnight flight and be in the bush within an hour or so. Another string to its bow is that the park also features a good but not overwhelming range of accommodations and, where the average prices in the northern parks start from around U$D700 per person per night, the lodges in the Selous start at around U$D300 less for a similar experience and level of service.
We are huge fans of the southern parks and the Selous in particular with the diversity and range that it offers it is possible to stay here for weeks and not get bored. While it is traditionally seen as being the best time to travel in-between July and October, the park is a birders’ paradise throughout the year and, for those that have ticked off the “big 5”, it is the perfect place to come and learn more about what the African bush is about any time.

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