The Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park

Bush plane routes allow you to link together the two best game parks in southern Tanzania: Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. These are two of the country’s largest, most pristine, and most remote game reserves. This is country that Teddy Roosevelt loved, the last of old Africa.

Often overlooked by many safari operators in favour of the northern parks, the southern Tanzania safari parks of the Selous and Ruaha are worth serious consideration and are the preferred destination for most who are really keen on their safari. The benefits of heading to the south is that, where the very north of the Serengeti gives the numbers of game, along with some seclusion, the southern parks are still very much “frontier” parks and so are noticeably less busy (they also feature the same spread of species as the north, but more like a thousand, rather than 2 million). The second important point is that, where the average lodge cost in the north is around $700 per person per night, the lodges in the south, where they offer a similar experience, are around $2-300 less.

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