The Serengeti (Serengeti National Park Safari Tours)

Arguably the most famous destination for safari in Africa, the vast, open plains of the Serengeti epitomise, for many, what Africa is all about. In the Serengeti National Park Safari Tours the grasslands are roamed by millions of wildebeest, zebra, and others while being stalked by some of the continent’s fiercest predators; the mighty lion, the leopard, the cheetah, to name a few. To experience a Serengeti safari and witness the daily fight for survival is like nothing else in the world, where life seems so precious and yet so cheap…welcome to the Serengeti!

serengeti  national park tanzaniaThe Serengeti – Endless plain
This stunning eco-system, part of the Mara/Serengeti grassland plains, has long been held by Africa-philes as a must see destination on safari, in part for the diversity and number of animals, but also for the uniqueness of this environment which, while often thought of as the norm in Africa, is actually quite rare.

Loosely speaking, the southern plains of the Serengeti, around the Ndutu Plains, and the northern plains of the Lamai Wedge and into the Masai Mara, Kenya, are the two main feeding grounds for the wildebeest herds, and they oscillate between the two on a yearly basis. In between these two open plains is a series of small ravines, rivers and bush/scrubland. This area of the Serengeti National Park Safari Tours is a predators’ delight with plenty of places to lay in wait for the unsuspecting calves as they begin their own safari, moving north and south.

The Serengeti – when to go

The movements of the wildebeest herds in the Serengeti are triggered by the annual rains that arrive into Tanzania in November and April and May every year. This movement is critical to their survival and is also a highly important part of planning a Serengeti safari. Below we have illustrated the general times of year to consider.

The Serengeti – where to stay

A Serengeti safari is often compared to the nearby Masai Mara National Park, but it is in fact almost 8 times the size, and thus, can offer a safari experience that is a little less crowded and a lot more personal. With this in mind we have selected a few of the best lodges to consider in the different areas of the Serengeti National Park Safari Tours as the Migration herds are moving through. Please expand each of the areas below to have a full run down.

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