Welcome to the most famous wildlife area on the planet!

Northern Tanzania Safari is an essential destination on everyone’s travel list. The Serengeti’s Great Migration is one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles, whilst being on safari on the Crater floor of the extinct volcano at Ngorongoro is a game viewing environment that has no equal. Towering above it all is Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain and arguably Africa’s toughest challenge. Away from the tourist hotspots, quieter parks such as Tarangire are superb for game viewing yet often overlooked to their more famous neighbors. The Rift Valley Lakes of Eyasi and Natron are the home of Hadzabe tribes and the breeding grounds for the largest flocks of flamingo on earth. To many people a Northern Tanzanian Safari is the very best of it all.


When thinking of the northern parks in Tanzania it is best to consider each of the main areas (featured below) as a section that can be put together with the others in any of the orders outlined below.

The driving circuit

The first, and most simple way to look at the northern parks is to drive out to and back from the parks. This itinerary takes in the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park over the course of 5 or 6 nights and and is the most cost effective itinerary that is on offer in the north.

The drive out, fly back itinerary

Arguably our favourite itinerary for the north, this method allows you the joys of discovering this spectacular region by road and then by air as you are dropped off at the Serengeti airstrip and fly back over the regions you have just driven through.

One of the main benefits of this itinerary is that it allows you to take a night out of the itinerary and also save yourself around 8 hours of driving that you would have on the itinerary above.

Fly out and fly back

The last of the recommended itineraries in the north, this is the itinerary that works for those on a tight time schedule and also for those that that are on a larger budget. As the name suggests, your itinerary is based on properties that have their own vehicles and which, by definition, are more expensive. It is a great itinerary and will allow you to drop the number of nights needed to anything from 3 nights upwards.