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    Ngorongoro Crater 1024x683 - Ngorongoro Crater TourWhat can be more exciting for wildlife lovers and adventure tour enthusiasts than seeing lions chasing an elephant, deer, or any other animal to feed them and to show their power to dominate the wildlife?

    You can see a gang of a lion chasing animals; while other animals are struggling or fighting to save them. It happens in Ngorongoro Crater. For this amazing and wonderful view and to spend time in a close encounter with animals, you have to plan for Ngorongoro Crater tour – the world’s largest intact caldera or collapsed Volcano.

    Ngorongoro safari is called an enormous natural bowl – a natural habitat of more than 30,000 animals. It is most densely packed concentration of wildlife in Africa offering some of the best game viewings in all the National Parks of Tanzania. Here, you will see a diversity of birds, animals and habitats – supporting between 30,000 and 40,000 animals every year.

    The Ngorongoro Crater is divided into different regions. The Mandi and Grog or Swamps are areas of Marshland – the legal forest – dominated by yellow barked acacia trees. You will see Lake Magadi – a Soda Lake visited by flocks of Flamingos.

    Which Time is the Best to Plan Ngorongoro Tour?

    June and July is the coldest month of the year; while monsoon continues from May to November. June to October is the dry season. The rim of the Crater is shrouded in a dense cloud.

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