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    Trekking is the best way of exploring hidden charms of Mother Nature to any destination and spends time in a serene environment.

    Planning for Mount Kilimanjaro tours is the best way of fulfilling your desire to enjoy a memorable time of your trip. Simba Adventures – one of the top Kilimanjaro trekking companies, offers you attractions packages for Kilimanjaro trekking.

    Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

    The way that passes through lush mountain ranges, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is inhabited by elusive elephant, leopard, buffalo, the endangered Abbot’s duiker and antelope as well as primates. Moorland zone, the higher zone, is a cover of giant heather – studded with otherworldly giant lobelias.

    Kilimanjaro, world’s highest free-standing, snow-covered equatorial mountains, is in the northeast of Tanzania, that you can see from Kenya and Amboseli National Park. Mount Kilimanjaro tours are planned by a good number of tourists all round the year.

    The wonderful national park is a home to different species of animals, reptiles and birds – living in their natural habitat and providing you a breathtaking view of the beautiful national park.

    Plan a trip and choose one of the affordable tour packages from one of the top Kilimanjaro trekking companies, it will be a different kind of touring experience you will love to get again and again.

    Simba Adventures Offers Packages for Kilimanjaro Trekking

    Simba Adventures has been offering you affordable packages for Kilimanjaro trekking – a wonderful experience that you will love to celebrate again and again. Plan a trip with us and you will explore the hidden charm of Mother Nature. Our tour guides will be with you to provide you details of the destination.

    We also offer you custom tour packages for a day trip or more. Choose the best one of your choice and uncover the beauty of Mother Nature in Kenya.

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