Meet the Simba Adventures experts!

We’re a quirky mix of travellers and adventurers; some fancy the jetsetting life of luxury while others prefer things more rough ‘n tumble. Either way, we pay high attention level to our clients for their lifetime memories. We love Africa and have experienced its magic enough times to make us itch to share it with you here in Tanzania. Take a closer look at each of us here, from the Office Sales Team to the Field Guides, Admin to our Founder and CEO.

Ally Simba – Founder, Sales & Operations

Ally makes things happen! Complete with a university degree in Tourism, as well as a Certificate in Management and several years experience in various aspects of the African travel industry. Having born, lived and grown up in the rich forests of Tanzania’s northern highland, he has a close-tie to wildlife and the people.

His interpretive knowledge of wildlife stems from the early childhood having grown up close to many wild animals and remote areas. Ally is a brave and pioneering entrepreneur with a true passion for Africa – especially East Africa’s wildlife. Before founding Simba Adventures Company, he spent a number of years earning his stripes and cutting his teeth in the industry. Ally’s interests include photography and travel, and having travelled extensively through East African countries!

Richard Mbasha – Travel Consultant

Richard joined us as a Travel Consultant since 2011. He stands tall and proud, ready to show off all that Africa has to offer to our clients. Richard is full of secret talents and continues to surprise us. For one, he also offers a rare insight into the safari industry, having worked as a game ranger and lodge manager at a private game reserve. He left the bush and now helps other people to plan their perfect African holidays from different corners of the world. He loves planning safaris and other adventure holidays for our clients because he remembers how his time on the bush was and wants to share that with other people.

Safari Guides

All our Driver/ Guides are Tanzanian natives with excellent driving experience, game viewing skills and wide knowledge about Tanzanians Culture, Wildlife, Birdlife and Plants. As we are well aware that the success of our Company is dependent on the expertise of Driver/Guides, we have invested heavily in Professional training. They regularly undergo vigorous training courses in our recognized hospitality institutions in order to maintain the set standards in the Tourism Industry. They are all English speaking with auto-mechanical skills and some with a working knowledge of Germany, French, Spanish and Italian. However, we provide Tour Leaders to accompany clients on a large Group Tours, Town excursions and corporate incentives.

Benson Laizer – Senior Safari Guide

Benson was born to be a guide having grown up just a mile from the famous Ngorongoro Highlands. His interpretive knowledge of wildlife stems from the early childhood having grown up close to many wild animals. Benson is our Head safari guide at Simba Adventures Ltd. After the completion of his high school course, he worked as a teacher before going to take a course as a guide. Apart from his guiding courses, Benson has attended a number of seminars and workshops in hospitality and tourism management. Benson really enjoys bird watching, natural and wildlife history. His favourite experience in the wild is during the wildebeest migration as the Serengeti Park is teeming with wildlife. He loves the lappet faced and the white-backed vultures, and his favourite land mammal is the giraffe. Benson believes that the expansion of conservancies is a great space for conserving wildlife.

Thadei Msofe

Thadei’s career inspiration was to be a major player in the field of wildlife and tourism management. He has a gold certificate in Field and Tour guiding from Mweka Wildlife College and has studied wildlife and tourism, natural history, animal behaviour, culture and history, communications and first aid. Thadei has been working in the field since 2006 and joined Simba Adventures in 2011 where he is a full time guide. He is not only a guide, but a born naturalist with an in depth knowledge in conservation, community approaches to conservation and management roles. Thadei enjoys bird watching, walking amongst the wild, reading, athletics and is at one with nature when he is out driving and spotting. His favourite animal is the Lion.

Abel Temu

Abel was born and raised at the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro. He is a Gold rated safari guide, and has largely acquired all his guiding and training skills on the job. He holds a diploma in Tourism from the University of Tanzania. His aim is to keep his achieved position ( a gold rating certification) and not to lose to a Silver one. Abel has a sensitive eye out in the field, and photographers often request for him when they came down. His favourite bird is the Lilac-Breasted Roller and his favourite mammal is the Cheetah. One of his best wildlife experiences was watching a Pygmy Falcon, the smallest raptor in East Africa kill a male Red-Headed Agama, a colourful lizard larger than the 8” Falcon. Abel joined at Simba Adventures in 2011 and is now a full time safari guide.

David Mbaga

David is a great safari guide with the ability to spot wildlife and different bird species. He enjoys conducting nature walks, loves being with people, and has vast knowledge of the flora and fauna of his surroundings. David’s work experience includes being a teacher at some of the tourism colleges, and a guide in the Selous Game reserve conservancy prior to coming to Simba Adventures. His love for wildlife made him to join us and is now a silver rated safari guide. He has been with Simba Adventures for now 3 years. His favourite animal is the Zebra.

Jonas Lekule

Jonas loves his country Tanzania and calls it a “magical place to be!” Jonas is passionate about what he does as he enjoys guest interaction, and feels that he also learns so much from everyone he meets. His love for the outdoors is reflected in his actions when he takes guests on game drives for various sightings. His incredible knowledge of the flora and fauna of nature, and diverse facts on various subjects makes him a unique “teacher” in wildlife and conservation based at Simba Adventures. Jonas has a certificate in Travel and Tourism and Diploma of Tourism hospitality from the Tanzania Wildlife Management Institute and is a silver rated guide. He has been with Simba Adventures since 2012 but before joined us he has been in the field since 2008.

Tanzania Mountain Trekking Guides

Three peaks (Kilimanjaro, Meru & Oldoinyo Lengai Mountains)

All our treks up the mountain are lead by highly trained and qualified local guides, registered with the Kilimanjaro National Parks Board. Each of our guides has been selected over years, based on experience, safety record and through feedback from previous clients. Over the years they made a major contribution to our proud success rate of 96% and have safely guided in excess and successful Climbing Kilimanjaro clients to the summit. Since organizing our mountain expeditions, every one of our almost 200 trekker’s team has had a high percentage of the group reach the summit. Obviously, we can’t guarantee an individual’s success, but isn’t it good to know that if you have the lungs and the legs, the opportunity to reach the top has been there on every trip we’ve ever done! Please see some of our mountain guides below.

Gabriel Silas – Senior Mountain Guide

a fully certified mountain guide, Gabriel has a solid background in all disciplines of climbing. He particularly enjoys long alpine rock and ice climbs as well as mountaineering. This emphasis is reflected in his enthusiasm for sharing with others the challenges and subsequent rewards of moving through technical terrain in the mountains. He attempted a certification in First Aid medical training to compliment his diverse skills as a climber and guide. These qualifications, along with his B.S. in Geology, with which he says he can “B.S. about geology as long as you want,” form a core of competence which ensures a fun time in the mountains whatever the itinerary. Gabriel climbed the East Africa’s high mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru and Mt. Elgon, his climbing experience is 13 years now.

Freddy Joel

Freddy brings his high altitude experience and broad knowledge of local culture to Tanzania. He is a fully licensed Kilimanjaro guide with over 200 ascents; His military background, good natured humour, and infectious love for the outdoors all contribute to his ability to continually exceed our client’s expectations. Freddy is a certified Wilderness First Responder. Since starting work with Simba Adventures in 2010 as the gear guy and graduating to guiding, he has continued to expand his climbing resume and knowledge by branching out into different disciplines of climbing but still loving it all.

John Mtui

John was born and raised in the slope of Kilimanjaro mountain and knows his country’s peaks intimately. He provides outstanding service to his groups. John began climbing at age of twelve in the Kilimanjaro Mountain as a porter. He took his first lessons of mountaineering from Gabriel Silas (Senior Guide) learning the importance of enjoying the mountains with safety and acquiring the passion of guiding. As a climber guide, he has summited peaks in the Kilamanjaro, Meru and many other high mountains in the country. He is known for his mellow, friendly, teaching style, and loves to share his passion for remote and wild mountain areas.

Samwel Leyani

Samwel “Sam” has more than 100 ascents of Kilimanjaro. Sam has become our expert guide on the mountain and one of Tanzania’s premier guides. He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and passion of the area’s natural history, and providing his guests with a local’s perspective on Tanzanian culture and history. Sam’s professionalism, knowledge, and warm personality make him a favourite. While resting in camp after a long day in the mountains, Samwel may talk your ear off about photography, geology, or the current state of politics.